What we do?

LEIA’s purpose are focused in 4 areas:

1. LEIA shall enrich the lotteries product offering through development of innovative content, increase shared liquidity and offer a larger catalogue of games.

2. LEIA shall help lotteries to reach new customers through addressing the young generation and other customers with innovative games and content meeting customer expectations when and where the customers requires it.

3. LEIA shall support its partner lotteries to strengthen market position locally through reducing dependency on traditional vendors, and create a new innovative marketplace for the lotteries providing relevant games and services.

4. LEIA shall improve operational effectiveness through scalability by 1. Decrease time to market for each lottery. They are already connected to the LEIA marketplace and does not need to go through lengthy procurement processes when they want content and services. 2. Drive cost down through economies of scale. LEIA can procure or develop services on behalf of all partner lotteries.