Lotteries Entertainment Innovation Alliance (LEIA) was established 1st October 2018 as joint venture company by the lotteries FDJ, Danske Spil, Norsk Tipping and Veikkaus. Svenska Spel joined the alliance on 1st October 2020.

The five lotteries share the same values and public interest goals, and they have been granted a mandate by their respective authorities in the lottery gaming industry. The lotteries are working together to share resources in order to build a wider and efficient digital gaming offer, allowing these lotteries to address some of the common main challenges in the digital space, and foster open innovation. The aim is to develop liquidity games and to offer an enhanced range of games to the consumers.

The drivers for the lotteries to establish LEIA was:

  1. Strong growth of digital lottery market where the lotteries are facing an under-addressed digital segment with changed customer expectations and recruitment of new and younger customers.
  2. The content entertainment in the lottery segment is expected to grow significantly in the years to come, yet remaining under-developed compared with other gaming verticals such as fantasy/e-sport/casual/casino. This has led to an unsatisfactory provision of gamified content by current Lottery providers.
  3. Due to regulations, the local lottery markets are constrained and there is an absence of games with increased online liquidity and a pan-European online jackpot. An offering we know the customers want.
  4. The lottery industry lacks real innovation, so far it has been mainly about product extensions. To keep up, the lotteries need to do extensive R&D which is both expensive and risky. In LEIA we can benefit from scale of economies where this risk and cost is shared among the lotteries.